Eleanor McHugh (feyeleanor) wrote,
Eleanor McHugh

I'm off to Texas in August

The nice folks at Lone Star Ruby Conference accepted my proposal for a tutorial on Ruby and Unix called Things You Really Shouldn't Do With Ruby But Can. I get three hours on a Thursday afternoon to teach all kinds of weird tricks that probably aren't safe to a random assortment of Ruby lovers. The upside of that is that it follows Rich Kilmer's Hot Ruby session so I can hopefully lig my way into that and get a deeper understanding of MacRuby.

I'm kinda nervous as I've never given a three-hour tutorial before - at uni I found the occasional forty-five minute seminar bad enough - but I'm hoping that I can get everything I want to cover into an interesting format.

Still no news though on whether I'll be at Rails Underground next month in London. I'd really like to get on the bill there as it's a chance to do an updated version of the Ruby Plumber's Guide and would be yet more useful experience. Fingers crossed that happens.
Tags: public appearance, ruby, unix

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