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Those of you who follow goth_twiglet on Facebook will already have seen this alluded to, but as of the end of this month I'll be officially redundant. For the last five months I've been very quiet as I was working on the serverside of the Virgin Music Unlimited service, mostly trying to figure out the architecture scaling. This didn't include the deep packet inspection technology before anyone who's been on the end of one of my extended rants on the subject thinks I finally found an employer mad enough to fund that particular bit of research :)

Unfortunately it proved impossible for Virgin Media and certain of the Major Labels to come to a full agreement of how the service should be implemented and as a result there isn't enough money in the kitty to continue paying my salary. Well no one ever said I was a cheapdate lol Anyway if a fresh investor turns up before the end of the month my job will be saved and if not I'll just have to hope something interesting turns up soon. Either that or back to consultancy I guess.

In tangentally related news the .tel registry is now up and running so the time may be right for spikyblackcat and I to do something off the back of that. Given that we're among the select few who know how its underlying DNS conventions work we could probably earn a good living helping companies come to grips with it, although I'm not entirely sure I want to get sucked back into that world.
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