Eleanor McHugh (feyeleanor) wrote,
Eleanor McHugh

RailsConf Europe 2008 Wrap

Okay, so I kept this one under wraps as it was all a bit fraught. But suffice to say that spikyblackcat and I made it to Berlin in one piece and then proceeded to the usual last-minute flurry of coding mayhem.

Wednesday we attended an interesting talk by the people behind the Juggernaut project - a Flash-oriented Push server based on Ruby EventMachine - and I was inspired to go without sleep hacking up an extremely inadequate Push server of my own just to see what's involved. Adding this sort of content to a talk at the last minute is probably not a good idea...

Anyway our session seemed to go well, as usual running over time and causing many baffled stares. I expanded on some of last year's themes by rewriting examples to use thread-based concurrency and added some discussion of its shortcomings.

Yet again we seem to have doubled attendance! We easily had over 100 punters, some sat on the floor as well as many many bums on seats and a fairly low escapee rate :)

I refuse to believe that we'll ever be a huge draw thanks to the preposterous volume of code I alwayd include, so all told 100 attendees is not bad at all - especially considering that we were bumped to this slot at almost the last minute!

Aimee? You can consider yourself upgraded from facebook stalker to proto-friend for putting up with my mad post-talk wibblings ;) This is a concept my friend ingenue_the came up with a couple of years ago to describe people that she'd like to be friends with if time and circumstances allowed!

And Nina, it was great to finally meet someone off DevChix in the flesh. If you're ever in London let me know and we can arrange a serious geeking session :)

Berlin as usual was fun and the food mostly lived up to expectations, especially the fish of which I ate copiously. As in Whitby copiously >8D

Unfortunately we had little free time for the conference itself due to coding crises so there's not much to report on that front. Just a couple of meetups with Marcin and Robert from TrafficBroker. I must arrange to catch up with them properly in London for some beers sometime.

It's probably a bit early to be making plans for next year but if RCE's back in Berlin we hope to be as well, extemporising madly and spewing yet more dubious and poorly documented code.

Thanks to Dave Black for having us on the bill again, and a special mention to Shirley and the rest of the O'Reilly team for making our lives as easy as possible during our stay (not to mention the geek chic skinny fit t-shirt she found me). Hope you all have a safe and relaxing return trip to the US.

We made the 21:36 (21:45 due to engineering works - obviously a German attempt to make us feel at home) overnight service to Brussels, so no travel adventures like last year. Oh, and if you ever need wi-fi and a cup of tea whilst waiting at Berlin Hauptbanhoff try the Segafredo coffee bar - nice people and comfy seats too.

Anyway after a hectic day of travelling I'm reunited with goth_twiglet and the non-rodent collective for a restful weekend visiting my folks. Finally, a chance to catch some zzz's...

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