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Looking to get a startup off the ground - again ;)

This year's SeedCamp competition is almost upon us so spikyblackcat and I are looking to get our grand project into some sort of order. Last year we had too many things clashing, and in hindsight that was a good thing, but this year the basics of a business plan seem to be writing themselves.

However not all is rosy in the garden. Financially I'm now running on less than empty, having plowed a fair amount of my personal resources (not least time) into the research that underpins what we're doing. I hope I can keep everything up in the air for just a couple more months to see if this is really a breakthrough opportunity but right now things are looking... fraught. Meanwhile spikyblackcat is off in Brussels from the 14th doing security work with Mastercard.

I'm therefore looking for one or two additional collaborators who fancy getting involved in a somewhat weird and potentially groundbreaking software project. Ideal candidates would be a javascript hacker who gets the point of SproutCore (so I don't have to spend the next few months becoming a JS guru) and someone who wouldn't mind doing backend development in Ruby (not Ruby on Rails).

I now there are people reading this who match those profiles, so if you've not much planned between September and November of this year and are in or near London... well don't be a stranger!

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