Eleanor McHugh (feyeleanor) wrote,
Eleanor McHugh

Principles Matter

In breaking news, David Davis has announced that he is resigning his seat in Parliament to force a byelection and will be standing for reelection purely on the issue of yesterday's vote by the Commons in favour of 42 Days Detention Without Charge. It also appears that the Liberal Democrats will not be contesting his seat.

Many in the media will be accusing Mr Davis of grandstanding and playing party politics for his own benefit. That's a good story and will doubtless sell copy in some quarters. And what will once more be overlooked is the fundamental erosion of English liberties by a governing party for whom the threat of terrorism is nothing more than another excuse to extend their passion for control to every quarter of our lives.

We're already the most heavily taxed that we have ever been in our long history, ruled by a government which enforces its will with the aid of Scottish and Northern Irish MPs over whose constituencies English MPs have no say, monitored and spied upon in a manner unprecedented anywhere in the free world (easily on a par with many dictatorships), and now we're on the slippery slope to arbitrary detention without charge.

Does Gordon Brown wish to relive all the mistakes of King Charles I?
Tags: politics

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