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Don't just be right, be right on

goth_twiglet brought home the excellent How to be Right: The Essential Guide to Making Lefty Liberals History by James Delingpole, a dictionary of political correctness in language any Tory will find side-splitting and that even lefty liberals with their "we one (sic) the culture wars" smugness will find themselves smirking at. Oh wait a second, I was mistaking lefty liberals for people with a sense of humour...

Anyway, in spite herself my own socialist aparatchik has found herself amused by this caustic tour de force of New Labour Newspeak and general political correctness insanity.

My only compaint is that the editor watered down the excellent entry on Ted Heath from Cunt to C***. Why ruin a perfectly adequate description? Of course I speak here as someone with the misfortune to have attended the same grammar school as the Right Honourable Member for Pro-European Integration, so it's possible I bare something of a grudge for the hideous stain he left on the character of an excellent school which I would much rather see remembered by posterity for humourist Frank Muir or musical revolutionary Nik Turner. Still, that's a rant for another day ;p

Anyway, if I have one complaint about How to be Right, it's that the volume isn't long enough. Well it is if your main goal is to sit on public transport reading this at anyone who looks even vaguely up their own lefty-liberal arse, but the current format leaves so much trendy politicoid (or volitical, depending on how you prefer to combine political and void) nonsense undissected that this really needs to be a series with snappy titles like How to be Even More Right: Interventions for the Victims of Left Liberal Brainwashing and Nothing Left: Essential Sociology from a Tax-Payer's Perspective.

And now for a restful afternoon of drinking tea, eating scones and laying plans for world domination (again).

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