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Today is a great day to be a Tory

Boris is the new Mayor of London.
We have 11 seats on the GLA.
We now control 12 additional councils with 256 new councillors.
Labour was beaten into third place behind the Liberal Democrats.

Gordon Brown may not be a dead duck Prime Minister yet, but the label has been will be following him for the foreseeable future, and dissent in Labour's ranks will become increasingly difficult to contain. His one consolation must be that Ken Livingstone's share of the vote in London proves that when Labour concentrates on its core constituency and campaigns with conviction it can still poll respectably, but as Gordon seems to have lost touch with that constituency it's unlikely that he can easily reverse his current difficulties.

On a personal note I was glad that Ken still managed to gather respectable support. Whilst I rarely agree with him on partisan issues, I believe he is dedicated to what he sees as London's best interests and I voted for him in two successive elections because I believed he was the best candidate: and let's face it, the ease with which he defeated Steve Norris suggests that many other Tories across the capital felt the same way. I hope that he will work with Boris on those areas where his commitment has proven invaluable during his time as Mayor, but even if he chooses not to I doubt this will be the last that we see of Ken in political life.

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