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Telnic launching .tel this summer? - My Thoughts Today
An ill-used association of words and pictures
Telnic launching .tel this summer?
Well that's the latest according to the grapevine, and a little birdie pointed me to visual designs for the new service. It's much prettier than the unthemed demos I prepared during my time there (I'm definitely no graphic designer) and should be a good starting point for registrars, although the real fun will be when they start writing their own custom provisioning systems.

Even though we've not always shared the same vision of how to achieve it, I still believe dotTel has an opportunity to revolutionise online identity management and lay to rest the many flaws in systems like OpenID. Critics slate them for the time they've spent getting the service ready, but having worked on all of the major technical challenges involved and seen how difficult some of them are to solve I have one thing to say to them: if you can do better, do it!

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