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German job-seekers forced into prostitution or they lose their benefits?

I ran across this odd little snippet from the Telegraph (Jan 2005) and was wondering if anyone knows whether this law is still in place?

I've no particular moral objections to people working as prostitutes if it's through their own free choice (and I'd be a piss poor libertarian conservative if I started forcing my moral values on other people) but how can anyone seriously think that it's just another job and should be treated as such for benefit purposes. God help us if we ever have a shared legal and benefits system across the EU...

EDIT: Well it seems the original story is a sensationalised version of a German original and that no actual cases of this happening have ever been recorded according to this article at snopes.com. So that's good then.

Thank you to Mr. Anonymous, whoever you are - you've vindicated my belief that allowing anonymous posting overall makes LJ a better place to discuss issues raised in the media.
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