Eleanor McHugh (feyeleanor) wrote,
Eleanor McHugh

A busy couple of weeks

Well firstly my previous post about the server change deserves a follow-up. After spending several days teasing with FreeBSD 6.2 I decided that building a mail-server from absolute scratch is too confusing a process for the time I had available. However thanks to the excellent MailServe I now have a MacOS X mail and web server up and running.

With our Virgin Media Cable Modem we have more than ample bandwidth for handling e-mail and the level of web traffic we usually receive. The only fly in the ointment is the lack of a static IP address, but I've been using the excellent FreeDNS dynamic IP service for over a year and am very impressed. If this works as a long-term configuration then I'll invest in a Mac Mini to do the job as they look like the ideal machine for this purpose.

Aside from the FreeBSD hacking I'm also busy again with job hunting. The role in Kentish Town didn't work out - working to fixed weekly deadlines is a far remove from my usual development practices so I gave the week's notice required and as of last Friday am back in self-employment limbo. It seems the demand for Ruby on Rails developers is on the increase and I already have an interview lined up for next Tuesday. What I'd really like is a regular gig as the resident Ruby geek to a Rails team but I'll probably settle for something else if necessary.

I'm also getting back into the RINDR DNS server and wraith packet sniffer as these form an essential part of the RailsConf Europe presentation that spikyblackcat and I have scheduled for September.

The more time I spend playing with Networking in Ruby, the more frustrated I get with the standard libraries. Some of them are very good, but too many are patterned after Perl's libraries and lack that native feel that makes IO such a pleasure in Ruby. Still, as proof of concepts for our next-gen DNS work they're more than adequate.

Busy busy busy!!!

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