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Server move - My Thoughts Today
An ill-used association of words and pictures
Server move
Our annual server renewal is due on Monday and rather than spend £120 on our usual shared host I've decided to host a server from home on our cable modem line. Consequently our e-mail access and web servers may be a bit sporadic over the next few days whilst I get the server configured just so and the authoritative DNS for our domains propagates.

The box we'll be using is a PII 500MHz Thinkpad that I had lurking in a cupboard, and this should be more than adequate for e-mail and web traffic: the biggest hit we usually take are the half-dozen or so downloads each month of the Toxic Frock album, and that amounts to less than 200MB of traffic. If it works out well I may add some more services at a later date, but to start with I'm thinking small and basic is beautiful :)

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