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Well despite the people at the new job being very nice and the commute relatively easy (well, given that it involved one train and two separate tube lines, a few delays have to be expected) I've rapidly come to the conclusion that it's not the role for me.

I guess I'm too used to running my own projects and keeping my own hours, or perhaps it's my inability to engage with the things that matter in the finance sector (like leads and money), but after a couple of weeks of working with the team I felt very much like a polygonal peg trying to ram its way into a cylindrical recepticle. I've probably made a huge mistake as the company is definitely going places and the share options could well have been a significant windfall in a couple of years' time.

C'est la vié!

For the immediate future I plan to concentrate on the wraith packet sniffer that spikyblackcat and I intend to showcase at RailsConf Europe in September, then maybe land an early stage Rails project or try and raise some seed capital for our evolving DNS 2.0 system. The latter is coming along quite nicely now and spikyblackcat will be drawing up some of our more basic ideas into a draft for the IETF over the coming weeks: thankfully he has much more interest in that sort of thing than I do! Expect future posts on this and related topics as I'm hoping this will be a busy summer...

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