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Old news, but I've been busy

Bethesda Softworks have released the first teaser for Fallout 3. It seems to promise the same atmosphere that Tim Cain and the folks at Black Isle (RIP) were so justifiably admired for, but it leaves so many questions unanswered: will it use Black Isle's SPECIAL game system? How much tactical control will the player have (i.e. will there be a turn-based mode)? Will the wry sense of humour still be there?

Fallout is easily the pinnacle of the isometric CRPG genre and many hardcore fans are twitching at the thought of a real-time 3D engine, but I think that's less important than the combination of black humour and deep, open-ended gameplay that the originals offered. But to satisfy those of us who obsessed over Wasteland and Fallout and who've also played more recent games like Silent Storm, Bethesda are going to have to work very hard indeed! I hope they rise to the challenge rather than just delivering Oblivion in a post-nuke setting because I so want a fresh fix of that vault-raiding, mutant-bashing, robot-smashing, boneyard-trashing, time-stealing Fallout fun :)
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