Eleanor McHugh (feyeleanor) wrote,
Eleanor McHugh

If men are socially inept, why does anyone hire them as recruiters?

I get a good 100 e-mails each week from recruitment agencies offering me jobs that even a cursory glance at my CV would indicate I am not qualified for (by cursory I mean: look for keywords; check experience; compare to job spec). Around 95 of these e-mails will have been sent by men (predominantly obsessed with Java developers), and this got me thinking about the other place where I get this particular kind of spam - social networks.

Thanks to last year's work I have profiles on several social networking sites, and like a lot of women I've found that a fair percentage of the messages I recieve are: a) not fit for publication; b) indicate a complete inability to read a profile. Around 95% of these messages come from men obsessed with their penises. And yes, I am comparing the IT industry's passion for Java with some men's mine's bigger than yours insecurities.

Now I'm not going to generalise and say that all men have this mentality - it's not a noticeable trait amongst any of my friends and I choose to believe that they're a statistically normal sampling - but there is clearly a portion of the male population for whom this is their natural outlook and what they lack in numbers they more than make up for in zeal. This is the land of the double-glazing salesman, the used car dealer and that idiot who decided that basing call centres for banks in third-world countries would be a good idea. Alright, perhaps the last one is a different kind of moron, but I'll let you decide.

So without further ado, a poll:

Poll #1001727 Moronic Recruiters

Should these people be allowed online in the first place?


Are they:

too clueless to spot a good match?
too hopeful/desperate for their own good?
too arrogant to care about details?
too dependent on artificial stupidity software?
better suited to a career in glazing and glazing related products?
moronic pondscum polluting the gene pool? Yay for the protein banks!!!

You would hire these people because:

we like the cut of their gib
our turnover is phenomenal
for fun and profit baby ;p
we desparately need them
have you met our HR department?
mmmm!!!! Cheap wetware :)

And for anyone reading this who is a recruitment consultant and who takes pride in doing their job well, you have my deepest sympathies.
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